International experience. Local knowledge.

Our team has decades of experience in human capital management consulting, offering our expertise to help you implement best practices within your organization. We have the largest database in the MENA region, with insights and information from over 1,000,000 employees across all industries. We have the data to back up our advisory, empowering you to make the right decisions for your business.

Go beyond a transactional HR operation to a more strategic approach with:

Organization Design Job Analysis Grading Structure Performance Management System Workforce planning Talent Strategy Consulting Change Management

We develop an organization design that syncs your people and your strategy. We can create an organization structures that promotes strong institutionalized functions and an efficient operating model. We also go beyond the design, working on creating a culture that empowers your people through:

  • Efficient operating models that consider business priorities and ensures value creation in all operations
  • Strategic organization structure
  • Clear function definitions
  • Competency dictionary

It’s not just about hiring the right people; it’s making sure that the right people are working in the right places. We help you analyze specific jobs and how they align with your overall strategy to ensure you have a focused and efficient workforce. We work with you to create:

  • Job descriptions that are in line with greater business strategy
  • Job families that increase functions’ performance and positive contribution to your bottom line.

A clear grading structure with a hierarchy that reinforces your strategy is critical to your business. Combined with a corresponding salary scale, we create a standard for compensation and promotions. A well defined structure and salary scale helps reinforce a fair workplace, reflecting positively on the reputation of your business.

Our specialized performance management systems will help you improve employee effectiveness within your organization. In addition to providing performance management tools, we customize the system to help you plan, monitor and review employees’ objectives and their overall contribution to your organization.

We help you assess performance, potential, and the fit of your employees through a combination of Management by Objective and Behavioral Performance Management systems.

Your people are your largest investment. To ensure this valuable capital is being utilized to its full potential, we offer workforce planning to align the business objectives and priorities of your organization with your people. We utilize a multi-dimensional approach and work with you to ensure your workforce is:

  • Equipped with the right skills for their respective positions
  • Working in the right areas to meet your business objectives
  • Working in the right structure to ensure functions are operating smoothly
  • Efficient in terms of size compared to your business goals

Hiring the right people for the right role is only half the story. Ensuring these people are all working toward the same goal in the most effective way is the true key to success.

Our expertise from working with the region’s largest employers has given us some valuable insights on how to create a talent strategy that reflects positively on your business. We can help you create a holistic approach that aligns your people to your business goals.

Transformation can be a challenging undertaking for any business. Not only is it critical for survival, it can fuel significant growth and put you in a better position for the future. To truly reshape an organization, it takes persistence and a clear understanding of the existing culture. We believe that change starts with people, that is why we focus on the human aspect, ensuring your workforce is ready for change.

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