Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked these questions, a lot!

Where does the company name "Yotta" come from?
Our name is inspired by the word “Yottabyte”, which is the biggest SI Unit: 10²⁴.
So, what's your secret sauce?
The secret behind our successful projects is the team. We like hard work and absolutely love big ideas. We’re passionate about what we do and always aim for perfection.
To what company sizes do you offer your services?
We provide quality services to large, medium, and small businesses, as well as to educational and governmental organizations. Our services offer your company the ability to obtain solutions that are focused on the highest standards of excellence.
How affordable are your services?
Our dedicated and high quality services won’t burn a hole in your pocket as we provide solutions to fit every budget. One of Yotta's greatest strengths is that our solutions are capable of expanding as your company’s business grows.