Yotta Startups Initiative

We are here to support startups in Jordan with building their websites.

With today’s fast digital world, Yotta Solutions believes in the importance of having online presence for each startup and company. We took the initiative to help startups with developing 25 websites in 2017 for free.

Many startups have great ideas and business plans and definitely need to have a catchy website online. We as Yotta Solutions, will provide the startups a professional informative website so that each startup can have a great online presence at no cost.

The idea of Yotta Startups Initiative started when we found out that many startups have great ideas and a high success potential but lack of funding to have their online website, and which is essential. But with our initiative, you do not need to worry about your financial capabilities to have the website you have always wanted to present your startup’s idea through.

How will we do it?

We have an experienced team of web developers and designers that are here to present your startup’s idea in the ideal way. The accepted startups will be contacted to start working on their website, and each will have the option to provide specific requirements regarding the website template and functions. The startup should have the website done and ready to launch within 14-21 days from the first working day. Throughout the working days, the startup’s team might be requested to meet up or make Skype calls with the website developers.


How will it work?

We will take submissions from startups in two stages:

Stage 1:   January 25, 2017 – February 1, 2017 Completed.
Stage 2:   July 5, 2017  July 14, 2017

In Stage 1 there was 13 accepted startups and in Stage 2 there will be 12 accepted startups. After the submissions deadline, we will set up a shortlisting interview to meet up with the best 20 startups and take the most qualified ones out of them.

The accepted startups for Stage 2 will be announced in middle July. We will be announcing the accepted startups on our website and social media pages. We have experienced judges that will participate in choosing the most qualified startups based on multiple factors and based on the originality of the startup’s idea.


1. Khaled ElAhmad, Social Media Manager at Zain Jordan
2. Maram Abu Damous, PMO Director at Jordan Education Initiative
3. Mohammed Atoum, Founder & CEO of Yotta Solutions


Who can apply?

We are open to several sectors and fields. To insure that everyone takes part in our initiative, as follows:

14 websites (7 in Stage 2) for the Corporate & Services sector.
7 websites (3 in Stage 2) for the Non-Profit & Charity organizations.
4 websites (2 in Stage 2) for the E-Commerce & Shopping stores.


What will we offer?

1. Full informative website development and design
2. Premium website hosting for 1 Year
3. .com Domain name for 1 Year (inc; email accounts for team members)


What are the requirements?

1. The startup needs to be located in Jordan.
2. The startup should have a team (2 or more).
3. The startup must not have an existing website.
4. The startup should have the website content ready.
5. The presentation that the startup will provide in the shortlisting event must cover the idea of the company, the business model, the vision of the company, and the reason you think that you are qualified to have this opportunity.


How do I apply?

For submitting your startup, kindly visit this page and fill in the form with the required information. If you are in need for a professional website for your startup, do not hesitate to join and compete!

For more information, you can send us an email to info@yotta.solutions.